A New Vision for Project Management: Integrating Business, Innovation, and Leadership

Projects today are more complex, highly uncertain, and changing faster than ever; they are also greatly impacted by the business dynamics, and “one size does not fit all.” Furthermore, in a fast changing world, no organization can survive without innovation. As a result, modern businesses can no longer rely on traditional project management skills. In the next generation, project managers will evolve into leaders of business and innovation who take ownership of their project’s business outcome (not just it’s product delivery) and continuously for more ways to win in the marketplace. They will also learn how to adapt their projects to the specific level of innovation, and build a vision to inspire and motivate their teams while having fun.

We present Strategic Project Leadership® (SPL), which integrates business, innovation, and project leadership in one strategic model. SPL was built on the foundation of traditional project management during twenty years of research and work with corporations, involved dozens of studies, and six PhD dissertations. We show how SPL frameworks such as, “The Diamond of Innovation” and “The Project’s Strategic Plan,” could be integrated naturally with the common building blocks of the profession.

Dr. Aaron Shenhar, PMP, PMI Fellow

Professor of Project Management and Technological Leadership.
CEO, TLI, SPL – www.splwin.com

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About the speaker
Dr. Aaron Shenhar is widely regarded as one of the world’s leading experts in project management, innovation, and leadership. He recently received the IPMA Research Achievement Award and the PMI Fellow Award. He was also the first recipient of the Project Management Institute (PMI) Research Achievement Award, as well as Engineering Manager of the Year of IEEE. He holds five academic degrees in engineering and management, including a PhD from Stanford University.

After a career as executive in the aerospace industry, Dr. Shenhar served as tenured professor, founding new academic programs in project management in four universities. He is one of the most published and cited authors in the field, and his work has influenced project and technology management research and education throughout the world. He also served as consultant to major corporations such as 3M, NASA, Honeywell, Dow Jones & Co., U.S. Army, and Tata Group. His recent book, Reinventing Project Management, is the first project management book published by Harvard Business School Press.